Have you ever dealt with something for years…something you didn’t quite deal with in the past that keeps coming up in circumstances in your life? I’ve been thinking a lot about something lately that I believe God is trying to get me to finally deal with and settle in my mind and heart. In the […]

So often I say the words (or scream them if I’m truthful about it): “Just because it’s a good thing doesn’t mean it’s the best thing.”  I tell my 7-year old son, Will, those words a lot lately.  He thinks if he’s doing something good, everything should be okay.  For instance, just the other day […]

Five years after Luis Palau brought the first Beachfest to Myrtle Beach, his son Andrew Palau returned with the second Beachfest. We were fortunate to get to perform during the day leading up to headline artists like TobyMac, Mandisa and MercyMe.